Consorzio Stabile Terin


Below is a list of projects under construction and those already built.


Projects in progress:

1- INPS - Delivery of services for the adaptation of the application software institute INPS to fight tax evasion and the unique system of Identity and Access Management, through the re-engineering and maintenance of software applications main.

2- Terin Home Care


Through the structure of its service center for multiparameter telemonitoring, telecourtesy,  and telecare, is able to meet the demands of technological and organizational innovation in health care, providing care services for the prevention or telemonitoring for chronic patients. Thanks to the application of a set of computer technology are realized with care pathways distance performance by allowing the monitoring of the patient by a remote service center 24 hours a day connected with an operational team of territorial intervention.



Consists of staff welfare operating a computing platform capable of receiving data from the monitoring of patients, validate them and return to a repository in which are contained all the clinical information of the patient. Represents a point of technical expertise with the aim of:

  • check the progress of the clinical data transmitted electronically;
  • notify the referring physician of the patient in situations of alert;
  • interact with the patient and the personal social health;
  • store health information and make it available to those of skill.

For more details visit the website THCP

3- BPR and systems analysis of the processes of risk

Analysis, construction and implementation of solutions for reengineering and redesign processes and realization of dynamic models of the process of "Risk".

4. Puglia Digital 2.0

The Gei Inform, Terin consortium, is a partner in a consortium that includes six other companies from Puglia, Puglia Project Digital 2.0, an initiative co-funded the Puglia Region, led by Exprivia SpA for the construction of a chain of organized "digital services". As part of the project, the company Gei Inform is responsible for the implementation of SaaS applications for Telecare Services Socio-Sanitaria.


Projects already completed:

Project Itri@MKTG - Implementation of marketing portal of territorial Itria Valley with architecture and Open Source Applications on behalf of ACCENTURE SpA

Project IPOST - Managing software maintenance (corrective and evolutionary) of the Information System on behalf of ALMAVIVA SpA

Project IPSEMA - In RTI with ALMAVIVA for the outsourcing of IT, functional and technological evolution and staff training.

Project AIC - Apulian Industries Community: development of a network between the Apulian regional confederations, construction of a net community with shared rules and multidirectional relationships between the different components of the community while respecting localism and the specific needs.

ENPALS - Supply and installation of the door of the open source domain light meets the specifications CNIPA / SPCoop Communications Mandatory. Project OPI-BR - Coaching and support for the implementation of the Centre for Technological immigration policies and the multifunctional ATM in the province of Brindisi.

Project e-governement - As part of an e-government project, approved by the DIT, the Consortium is committed to the implementation of a CRM (Citizen Relationship Management) specifically oriented to public entities.

Project customer relationship management (CRM) in support of the 'marketplace' - Through the Consortium NOMOS.

CRM projects in the banking and financial - As part of the regional consortium is engaged in the project 'Initiatives in Support of the business system and the professions'. project DOWNSIZING GENERALE in collaboration with Finsiel S.p.a.

Project SISTEMA INFORMATIVO IPOST in collaboration with Dataservice S.p.a.

Project G.E.I. Management of Seizures through an information system secure and updated in real time.

Program TE.S.P.I. ( Telematics in the South for Small and Medium Enterprises) . In collaboration with the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning , ENEA and the European Commission , participated in the

STAB Project ( Telematic Services Companies Brindisi )

Project Reporting Apulia.

Community Initiative ADAPT.

Project CLUSTER - cooperatives Infrastructure Architectures ( CO.IN. ).

Sidio Project (Distributed Integrated Hospital Information System ),

Sidia Project (Distributed Integrated Information System AUSL.

SICI Project (Integrated Municipal Information System ).


automation project of the Department of Neonatologyof the clinical institutions Improvement (ICP ) in Milan.

Design and Development Portal project management to bank 121 , which consists of a system (on WEB technology) internal communication for the use of PM Banca121 .

Design and Development Competence Center of the General Coordination forensic INPS.

Design and Development of the Law Agricultural Information.

Design and Development of Telemedicine Theme 7 on behalf of the MURST.

Multimedia Projects :

  • " Multimedia Training Package MANAGEMENT STOCK "
  • " Brindisi Eastern Door "
  • " Brindisi and its province ."